Life at the College

It has only been a couple weeks since I have last posted but so much has happened. Myself and all of the other first years went on a three day camping trip to Lago di Cavazzo to bond. Between cooking together, singing around the campfire and spending 8 hours hiking in the heat to a very worthwhile war fort at the top of a hill I would say we definitely became closer as a generation. I do not have any pictures to share as I did not take my phone in an effort to unplug however I truly do not believe that photos could do the view justice.

Other than that I have finished my first couple weeks of classes and am enjoying all of them so far especially World Arts and Cultures. Looking at different societies through the lens of art really shows insight into their values, economies, social structures, politics etc. and is quite fascinating. I have also been assigned my social service of volunteering in Trieste at an elderly center. I am excited to begin this and hope to be able to explore Trieste in the evenings after I have finished my volunteering. I have also chosen hiking as my physical activity and I hope that it will allow me to get to know the area surrounding Duino a little bit better as we will be taking the college vans to various nearby hikes. There are lots of hikes around the Duino and Trieste area, some of which even feature old trenches and other historical war structures. As far as creative activities go I have chosen pottery and while I have not done this before I am excited to learn!

The second years at the college are busy writing their EEs (Extended Essays, a long paper required by the IB diploma) so each first year student has selected a second year EE ‘friend.’ We exchange letters with the secondi and give small gifts such as candies or chocolates anonymously. My EE friend is very kind and thoughtful and it is always exciting to go to Mensa where the gifts and letters are left and see if you have a response!

We have also as a college been busy preparing for Peace One Day/UWC Day. On September 21st we will be performing in Udine a series of dances or musical acts representing peace, unity and other core UWC values. I will be participating in the Soranbushi dance (a Japanese fishing dance) and am really looking forward to performing it! This Sunday we had the Peace One Day workshops which were for us students to participate in. Some of the workshops I went to were giving out cookies to the public in exchange for a message of peace and an origami paper crane workshop. We also had a open space discussion and an open mic centered around peace.

As I spend more and more time at the college I am beginning to feel more and more at home here. Each day feels more and more normal or routine and I have finally begun to remember names! This has certainly been the largest change of my life and definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done but it has also been an incredible experience and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I tried to post some pictures but cannot quite figure out how on this website…but I will keep working on it. Ciao for now!


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