Peace One Day!


Group photo after our show!

Every year September 21st marks the International Day of Peace as well as “UWC Day.” To celebrate, each year the college puts on a Peace One Day show complete with dances and musical acts. This year we traveled to a piazza in Udine (about a one hour drive from Duino) and performed our show promoting peace to the public. I was only in two dances (Soranbushi and the finale) however some students were involved in many more! It was a fantastic day celebrating peace and I felt so proud to represent Canada and be Canadian. The weather was also beautiful and made for a gorgeous afternoon/evening. Prior to the show all of the first years went orienteering near Villagio del Pescatore (Fisherman’s Village) which was a blast. There are some other orienteering events you can join on the weekends and I think I will take advantage once I have a free weekend to go and do some orienteering with friends! While my partner and I got completely lost we still managed to finish and it was certainly an adventure. I actually had very little school this week because Wednesday was Peace One Day so classes were cancelled, and then Thursday and Friday I also missed my classes because I had to travel to Trieste to get my “Permesso” which will allow me to stay in Italy. It was quite a frustrating process and I am fortunate I only had to go twice but it meant that this weekend involved a lot of catch-up work from the days that I missed.

I am very excited for next weekend though because I am going to Venice for a Saturday day-trip. Half of the first years already went this weekend and the photos looked incredible. I am really excited to see all of the churches, canals and beautiful architecture. We are actually quite close to Venice, only an hour and a half drive or roughly two and a half hours if you take the bus and trains. I already know that one day is not long enough to be in Venice so I am sure that with friends I will be able to return for a long weekend or something. Speaking of long weekends, I am going to Verona (hopefully) with some other first years for the October long weekend. The pictures look absolutely gorgeous and I think it will be nice to explore with my time off!

I had my first session of hiking this Friday and it was fantastic. It was a gentle hike with just a few inclines however the views were incredible. We hiked near Trieste so got a great view of the city and the sea. In the distance we could see Slovenia and even Croatia! It is quite strange being able to see three countries at the same time being from Canada! Our leader for hiking is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the flora, geology and history of the area. I am really glad that my physical activity allows me to explore this area and what it has to offer and I am quite excited for our next hike! We also begin our social services and creative activities this week as well as our ‘College Life’ classes so I think this week is when I will finally be able to settle into a routine.

-Peace and ciao, ciao and peace!


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