First Month Here and Trip to Venice!

September 29th (a few days ago) marked one month since my arrival here at UWC Adriatic. Simultaneously it feels as though I have just arrived and it feels like I have been here for many months. Thinking back to the Stephanie that arrived here, I have grown, changed and learned so much about myself and about independence. I also feel more comfortable and more like I belong here – a feeling I certainly did not have when I arrived. It feels quite strange that I am almost a third way done my first (of four) terms here!

This week marked the start of my creative activity, pottery, and I really like it! It is quite nice to just take a break and do something creative, and even though I have never done pottery before the teacher is really really wonderful and quite patient! I am working on a “mug” right now however at it’s current state I think I may have to relabel it something else as it does not quite resemble a mug.

Also this past Thursday the school put on the first concert for the student musicians who want to perform. While I did not participate, I attended with my friends and really enjoyed it. My coyears and second years are so talented and there was a wide variety of music played from piano to flute to singing and a band. It was a really nice way to spend an evening! This week also marked the start of “College Life,” a weekly class/discussion/seminar/activity where we are in groups and can talk about how to balance our time, solve problems like roommate disputes etc.

However the highlight of my week for sure was a day-trip to Venice. Myself and half of my fellow first years got up really early on Saturday morning, and then took a bus and ferry to Venice. While the day started out really foggy and misty after lunch the sun came out which I am really happy about and it turned into a beautiful day. Venice is incredibly beautiful, each turn seems to bring another postcard worthy canal framed by beautiful old buildings. While certain areas of the city were extremely crowded and touristy, we also had some bridges and narrow streets to ourselves. We started off with a bit of a guided tour, walking around and stopping at some of the most important places or buildings like the Arsenale, a Basilica, the Cannaregio and then had some free time. I shopped, took pictures, visited the Rialto Bridge and explored with some friends and it was lovely! Finally we met up in the Piazza San Marco, saw the beautiful Basilica and learned a bit more about Venice and then it was (sadly) time to go. We took the ferry again however this time was much nicer because we weren’t socked in with fog, and then returned to Duino in the bus. I was so tired I pretty much fell asleep right after dinner! Although it was exhausting it was incredible and I hope to be able to return one weekend as it is not really that far from the college and a train or bus ticket is really inexpensive.



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