Three Months Later…

It feels like it has been so long since I have written and looking back at my previous post I realize it has been. I am continuing with my CAS activities and classes and am enjoying the routine. I took on an additional social service reading to elementary school children in English and organizing crafts for them. I love it because I find the energy of the kids inspiring. I am also busy as I am co-organizing a project week to Budapest. There is a lot of logistical legwork which needed to be done and the slow internet, inaccurate websites and language barrier made this a frustrating but educational process. I am so thankful for my fantastic co-organizers for making it as smooth as possible though! I am also working on a grant proposal for a project relating to the integration and acceptance of immigrant minorities in the surrounding area with some other primi. It is a lot of work and I go to bed everyday exhausted but so excited to wake up the next morning and do it all over again. I am so thankful for my agenda, even if it is overflowing there is no way I could remember everything I need to do without it!

This weekend was no exception and quite busy as well, we had a conference from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon about “Critical Engagement.” I think it can best be summed up in a quote my group’s facilitator said “Millions watched the apple fall, only Newton asked WHY.” The theme of asking “why” was certainly central to the weekend as we discussed identity, diversity and social responsibility. While it was quite a lengthy conference the facilitators made it really interesting and engaging by switching up the activities often. I think I left with a lot more questions than answers but I think that was the point. Before I came to UWC I think I had a really idealized view of it and even though I still am amazed and blown away by this incredible movement I also can look at it with a more “critical thinking” mindset. So, while I may not have accomplished any of my homework this weekend I think I got something much more important out of it.

I cannot believe there is only a couple weeks left of school – now thinking about it this term has flown by. I look forward to using my last two weekends of first term to the fullest (hopefully doing some travelling to Venice, Trieste and Miramare) and making sure I take care of myself between the busyness.



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